Date: Thursday 22nd February 2018

Location: 1.15 Small Lecture Theater, Queen’s Building, University Walk, Bristol, BS8 1TR

Time: 18:30 for 19:00 start

Speaker: Dr Trevor Chambers, CONSORT Reactor, Imperial College

CONSORT, the last civil research reactor in the UK, shutdown for the final time in December 2012. The reactor, owned and operated by Imperial College London, had for nearly fifty years been used for teaching and research in many fields of nuclear science and technology such as reactor physics, reactor engineering, neutron physics, solid state physics, radiochemistry and activation analysis.

Following shutdown the reactor entered immediate decommissioning, with the intention of expeditious removal of all plant, remediation of the land and de-licensing of the Nuclear Licensed Site. Currently the reactor is undergoing final removal of LLW items prior to commencement of the Bio-shield removal and building demolition.

This talk will discuss the significant progress made with decommissioning of the reactor, including defuel, control rod removal and core structure dismantling. It will cover the design, installation and commissioning of the decommissioning equipment, the regulator interactions and the successful outcome of the project to date.

This talk has been arranged by the Nuclear Institute Western Branch and is hosted by the South West Nuclear Hub.

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The Nuclear Institute Western Branch

The Nuclear Institute Western Branch

CONSORT - From Fission to Final Fling








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