The 30th edition of BIEMH will be held from the 28th of May to the 1st of June, following the success of precious editions, in the midst of a transformation process filled with optimism. 


2018 BIEMH is committed to showcase the most advanced technology solutions and active participation by both exhibitors and visitors, with an aim to help companies to get the best positioning in an increasingly competitive market.



The 30th edition of BIEMH is presented as an exceptional opportunity to illustrate the machine tool sector’s recuperation. For that purpose, BIEMH 2018 is born to be a referent of the trends leading the way in the industrial consolidation.

With this in mind, the next edition of the show aims to give a great role to the so-called Smart Solutions or Industry 4.0, born into the 4th Industrial Revolution, thus becoming a meeting point for those who want to know all the paradigms regarding this industrial new challenge.


Furthermore, we cannot ignore that the Machine Tool Biennial is a benchmark event at domestic level and one of the most important fairs of its kind in Europe, therefore firms taking part in it enhance their own reputation as well as the reputation of the event.


In addition to BIEMH 2016 and trying to complete the wide offer of advanced technologies that are presented in the show, it will take place:


ADDIT3D International Fair of Additive Manufacturing and 3D: Co-hosted by BEC and ADDIMAT (Additive & Manufacturing Technologies Association of Spain), the show will present the latest in additive manufacturing and 3D printing in addition to conferences for analysis and transfer of knowledge.


BE DIGITAL: a new space, which will complete the offer and its connection to INDUSTRY 4.0. It will be shown the best digital tools and solutions aimed at professionals who want to take advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation offers to the industry.


IMIC – Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference: Co-hosted by BEC and Easyfairs. It will revolve around the latest trend technologies about Smart Maintenance / predictive and others related to Manufacturing.



2.1] Potential buyers’ profile

The promotional activities must be aimed exclusively at those enterprises and association that fulfill the potential buyer profile, as detailed below.


The main activity of these professionals can be the distribution/importation of machine tools, as well as enterprises belonging to the following sectors whose production process requires machine tools (final professional users).

Ø Automotive, Aeroespace, aeronautis and ancillary.
Ø Capital goods
Ø Metal constructions
Ø Energy generation
Ø Domestic appliance
Ø Railway
Ø Cutting and plate-work subcontracting
Ø Mould and Die
Ø Oil & Gas industry

Additionally, the visitor must belong to either the Purchase, Technical or Management Department; that is, the visitor must have decision-making power.

2.2] VVIPs and delegations

There are two ways so as to benefit from the BEC’s subsidies:

  1. a) VVIP: Some enterprises will receive full invitations meaning that BEC will cover both the flight ticket and the accommodation during the days set by the organization. This group will be composed of enterprises selected by BEC, whether due to exhibitors’ or BEC proposals.

The organization of these enterprises (promotion and tracking, accommodation and flight…) will be carried out directly by BEC. The agent, SPRI or CCI will always be informed about the conversations maintained between BEC and the VVIPs.

It may happen that these VVIPs coincide with the enterprises that show interest in visiting the Fair during promotional activities. In this case, these enterprises will be moved to a higher category (VVIP) and, therefore, BEC will be the one organizing their visit.

In an effort to avoid confusion, SPRI/agent/CCI-BEC coordination becomes a priority for VVIP guests.

  1. b) Delegation: All enterprises showing interest in the Fair during the promotion and not having the “full guest” category, will attend the Fair under the “member of delegation” category in case they meet the requirements. We will send you the coordinator’s letter as soon as possible, where you will find all the conditions specified in detail.

Below, the different possibilities concerning the delegations are explained:

  • Delegation of businessmen/women being an association or a businessman/woman the coordinator: A potential coordinator can form a delegation with, at least, 4 members from different enterprises. In this case, BEC will grant the flight ticket and the accommodation of the coordinator, while the other members will benefit from the accommodation (flight ticket not included).

If the delegation has less members than the required minimum (4 companies), BEC would continue covering the accommodation of both coordinator and members. However, BEC would not pay the coordinator’s flight ticket.

  • Delegation of businessmen/women in which the coordinator is SPRI. SPRI can thus be the coordinator of a delegation. Conditions will be the same as the ones detailed above.

2.3] Suggestions for the promotion. SPRI-BEC coordination

1. Send an email to the enterprises which meet the profile.
2. Phone calls and verification of the profiles.
3. Send the registration link and ask the enterprises for additional information.

You can facilitate the registration link (see next section) to those enterprises having the required profile and showing interest in visiting the Fair. In that moment, it is advisable that you ask them for the following information, which is very useful for us to verify the profile.

– Detailed description of the enterprise’s activity
– Products they look for in the Fair (you can invite them to visit the Exhibitor’s Directory on the website).

  1. Approval from BEC

    In case an enterprise did not meet the profile but it is interested in attending the Fair on its own account, you could inform them that they will find the information about our travel agency on our website in order to benefit from its prices.
  2. Ask the companies for the required documentsOnce we have accepted the enterprises, you would ask them for the following documents:

– Warranty document + copy of the credit card or copy of the flight ticket
– Copy of the passport valid at least for 6 months (or ID for EU visitors) + visa (if needed)

Comment: The purpose of asking for the warranty document is to motivate the companies that finally call off their visit to inform us.

  1. Receive the documentation and send it to BEC
  2. Accommodation or accommodation and flight ticket booking through our agency

Once we have received all the documents, we will send them to our agency so as to begin with the booking of the accommodation or accommodation and flight ticket.

It is important to bear in mind that only when we have received the documents of all members of the delegation, will we proceed with the travel arrangements (the aim is to try to locate all the members of the same delegation in the same hotel).

2.4] Registration link and application form

We will send you a link in order for the enterprises to register. This link will send them to an online form they have to fill. It is essential that the enterprises register themselves and fill the form in order to continue with the process.

When we send you the link, we will also attach the application form in a PDF for you to know it.


We do not have the exhibitors’ list of this edition for the time being, because the Commercial Department is still working on it.

Nevertheless, you can consult last edition Exhibitor’s Directory as a guide. You will find it on

The moment the Directory of Exhibitors of BIEMH 2018 is published, we will send it to you by email.


The documents that you are going to receive during the promotion, and that might be useful for the visitors, are listed below:

Ø Introductory emails about BIEMH
Ø Brochure of the Fair
Ø Exhibitors’ List in PDF of BIEMH 2018.
Ø Coordinator’s Letter

Furthermore, we also invite you to visit the website of the Fair,, where you will find general information about BIEMH, as well as the Exhibitors’ Directory, last news on industrial sectors, conferences and other information of interest.



The Visitors’ Department is always willing to provide any necessary clarifications for any question relating to both visitors and the promotion of the Fair.
E-mail addresses:
Cristina Campo:
Itxaso Montes:
Julen Miranda
Phone: +34 94.404.00.00 (ext. 2)


More information can be found at:


DECOM 2018








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