Venue: University of Bristol (School of Chemistry)
Organizer: IOP Materials and Characterisation Group
Registration deadline: 28/06/2019
Contact: Claire Garland
Phone: +44(0)20 7470 4840

Nuclear Forensics is an essential component of the national nuclear security infrastructure which helps to address the threat of nuclear material found out of regulatory control. Interdisciplinary in nature, Nuclear Forensics draws upon analytical techniques and interpretation of distinguishing characteristics of nuclear and radioactive materials to understand its origin and intending authorised use.

Nuclear Forensics (NuFor) is a new two-day technical conference being held in July 2019. The conference will bring together expertise and influencers from across academia, industry and government to explore challenges, share developments and promote successes in the field of nuclear forensics. The conference will consist of keynote speakers, technical sessions and a poster session.

The objectives for NuFor are:

  • Enhance the UK skill base and career pathways in Nuclear Forensics
  • Discuss the technical challenges in the field
  • Demonstrate the applications of fundamental science in Nuclear Forensics
  • Provide a networking opportunity for technical specialists across different disciplines
  • Showcase research and new advances across academia and industry

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