A group of MPs is urging the UK Government and Hitachi to capitalise on the benefits of the site at Wylfa Newydd, and the skills of people working in the area, by considering a range of possible future energy projects.

In January 2019, work was suspended on the development of the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station at Anglesey.

In its final report, the Welsh Affairs Committee calls on the UK Government and Hitachi – to explore new financing models that might help get work back underway.

  • If Hitachi is not prepared to resume development of the site, the UK Government should encourage it to sell the site to another developer who might be willing to resume works. It should also seek out companies to develop alternative low carbon energy projects.
  • The UK Government, Welsh Government, local authorities and other partners should work together to ensure that other projects in the North Wales Growth Deal are funded and accelerated to fill the gap left by Wylfa Newydd.
  • The UK Government, Welsh Government and developers work together to develop a proposal for small modular reactor at Trawsfynydd.
  • The UK Government and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority should explore future opportunities for apprentices in the decommissioning of the old Wylfa and Trawsfynydd sites to help their skills stay in North Wales.

“The development of the Wylfa Newydd site was vitally important to Anglesey and the whole of North West Wales, and the announcement that works would be suspended was a blow to local communities and the local economy.

My Committee heard that the ideal geographic conditions and abundance of skilled workers makes the Wylfa Newydd site fertile territory for nuclear development, while the wider area is ideal for a range of low carbon projects

Our report calls for the UK Government to capitalise on these benefits by ensuring that a range of possible energy projects can be developed on the site.– DAVID T.C. DAVIES MP, CHAIR WELSH AFFAIRS COMMITTEE

Article retrieved from:  https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2019-05-03/uk-government-and-hitachi-should-capitalise-on-fertile-territory-for-energy-project-at-wylfa-newydd-site/ 

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