NatWest has recently launched Future Fit: Trailblazing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution report which focused on three objectives central to identifying excellence in manufacturing as we enter the 4th industrial revolution.

One of these objectives is the need for a ‘trailblazing’ leadership mindset – crucial in setting a company’s forward thinking strategy, and implementing it.

Following the launch of this report, ASTUTE 2020, ION leadership and NatWest have joined forces for this event where attendees will hear from academics and industry specialists on the importance of developing a leadership mindset and find out more about how such a mindset can have a positive impact on productivity, innovation and business growth.


  • NatWest, who will provide further insight into their report, particularly the key characteristics of a ‘Trailblazing’ leadership mindset.
  • ASTUTE 2020 on how they are working with the Manufacturing Industry across Wales, and how Industry is gaining a competitive advantage in future manufacturing technologies through adapting to change with the support of industry-academia collaboration.
  • ION leadership, a leadership development and business growth programme based at Swansea University, will be discussing how to develop and embed a leadership mindset within your organisation.

Speakers will also include thriving manufacturing businesses who are building solid foundations to succeed in the 4th industrial revolution, they will talk about how they have benefited from working with ION leadership and ASTUTE 2020 within the manufacturing sector.


8:00 am Registration & Breakfast

8:30 am Welcome

Dr Gavin Bunting, Deputy Director, ASTUTE 2020

08:40 am NatWest – Future Fit: Trailblazing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Adrian Coles, Relationship Director – Welsh Manufacturing Lead

9:00 am ION Leadership – Developing & embedding the leadership mindset

Gary Walpole, Operation Director, ION Leadership

9:20 am ION Leadership Company Case Study – TBC

9:30 am ASTUTE 2020 – Working with the Welsh Manufacturing Industry across Wales: Gaining a competitive advantage through future manufacturing technologies

Dr Gavin Bunting, Deputy Director, ASTUTE 2020

9:50 am ASTUTE 2020 Company Case Study – TBC

10:00 am Impact of Industry-Academia Collaborations

10:20 am Closing Remarks

Dr Gavin Bunting, Deputy Director, ASTUTE 2020

10:30 am Networking

11:15 am Tour of CoE if requested at registration

12:00 pm Close

For more information and registration, please visit:

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