The Wales Nuclear Forum is the leading pan-Wales forum, which provides a platform for strategic engagement between the nuclear industry and Welsh-based suppliers.

Together we will:

Promote the strength, diversity, professionalism and depth of services offered by Wales Nuclear Forum members to the nuclear industry.

Foster collaboration between Forum members enabling joint enterprises to attract business which might be lost to individual companies.

Collect and aggregate knowledge from Wales Nuclear Forum members and act as a conduit for dissemination of useful information.

Established in 2017, the WNF is the central place for anyone looking to remain aware of Nuclear industry news updates, projects and events.  Members also benefit from access to the members’ business directory, compliance reports and essential training support.



Search through our Members list to work with the key Welsh Suppliers for the Nuclear Industry.


Steering Group

The WNF Steering Group is made up of 13 industry-leading professionals who champion ideas from members, and take them forward with the Welsh Government to make a significant impact within the Nuclear industry.